Apply for admission

Are you ready to apply for admission?

Who must apply?

Everyone wanting to start a new qualification must apply for admission. This includes;

When may I apply?

Applications for admission to Eswatini College of Theology's undergraduate qualifications (certificates, diplomas & degrees) and postgraduate qualifications are always open

What do I need to apply?

You need to check that you qualify for admission and that you have the necessary documents ready to upload/email during the application process.

Am I sure...

I have the following documents scanned & uploaded to an electronic device

All applicants starting a new qualification must upload all the required documents, which generally consists of the following:

** Some qualifications may require additional documents. Eswatini College of Theology reserves the right to request original documents and / to verify the correctness of submitted documents at any time. Submitting fraudulent documents is an offence in terms of the Student Disciplinary Code.

I am sure that my documents are scanned according to the rules

Follow the instructions carefully when completing the online application process. Only upload/email the required documents as individual files and not a complete set of documents as one file.

Click on the qualification you would like to apply for to start the application process with us.

Undergraduate Qualifications

(Certificate, Diploma, Degree)

Master's and Doctoral Qualifications

Upload/email supporting documents

Everyone applying for a new qualification must submit the required documents (all first-time applicants and students starting a new qualification). The due date for uploading the required documents is the closing date for applications. No documents submitted after the closing date for applications will be accepted.

Eswatini college of Theology does not provide scanners or electronic devices. Please ensure that your documents are scanned and uploaded to an electronic device before starting the application process.

Pay the application fee once you've submitted you application

This fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to study through Eswatini college of Theology , do not qualify for admission to Eswatini college of Theology or cannot be offered a space due to limited spaces available.

Any application submitted without an application fee paid on time will not be processed. Please ensure that you send and keep a copy of your proof of payment

Make sure that your application is complete

If your application for admission to study through Eswatini college of Theology is incomplete, you will have to re-apply during the next application period.