Bachelor's Degree in Counseling Psychology

1st Year Modules 34 Credits

Module Name Credits
PTH3053Community Psychology 3
CSC1022 Introduction to Computer 3
PTH3063 Crisis Counseling 3
MDC3052 Human Development & Relationships 3
MIN2012 Human Relations 3
ENG1023 Introductory Writing 3
PTH3103 Introduction to to Biblical Counseling 3
PTH3083 Counseling Theories 3
GED4013 Philosophy of Counseling 3
ENG2023 Introduction to Research 3
PTH4213 Guidance and Vocational Counseling 2
MIN2012 Human Relations 2

2nd Year Modules 36 Credits

Module Name Credits
PTH4173 Industrial Psychology 2
PTH4093 Counseling in the Local Church 3
ICS1013 Transformational Community Development 3
PTH3123 Marriage and Family Counseling 3
SOC2013 Introduction to Sociology 3
COM1023 Public Speaking 3
MIN1093 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling 3
EDU2013 Educational Psychology 3
PTH4223 Mastering Counseling 3
LDR4103 Conflict Management 3
LDR3013 Guidelines for Christian Leadership 3
PTH3133 Foundational Issues in Counseling 3

3rd Year Modules 31 Credits

Module Name Credits
INT4038 Counseling Intership 8
RES4034 Thesis Writing 4
MDC3033 Foundations for Professional Excellence 3
RES3023 Introduction to Research Methodology 3
PTH3123 Introduction to Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling 3
PTH4203 Abnormal Psychology 3
PTH3153 Ministerial Psychology 3
PTH4163 Professional Counseling Ethics 3
RES4041 Oral Defense of Thesis & Presentation 1